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There are more ways than ever to explore a wide range of immersive virtual experiences. From free online concerts given by the San Francisco Symphony to museum tours to explorations of global destinations, these resources offer a break from academics and a chance for students and families to enrich their cultural horizons.

There are also dozens of education platforms offering free - or temporarily free - access to online lessons and experiences for children (and adults) of all ages. 

Online Discovery
People in Museum


Delivering art to people who are practicing self-quarantine and social distancing at home during a citywide ban restricting all non-essential events and gatherings. 



Image by Paul Carroll

EXPLORE NATURE provides thousands of live webcams of animals all over the world along with free lesson plans to connect students with nature.





For the kids who are constantly asking why and how, is filled with answers to all kinds of curious questions. There are even podcasts, quizzes, digital puzzles and more to keep kids (and adults!) engaged and learning.


String Quartet


The San Francisco Symphony offers free concerts for kids and families online! (Adobe Flash is required.) 


Image by Thomas Griggs


Learn something new every day! Content is curated daily and the topics are endless. Be sure to keep scrolling, the content just keeps on going.


Online Learning
  • Key elements to a successful learning platform:
    To add a new Have multiple layers of support. Set up coaching relationships with those students who need more contact with teachers and small groups. Smaller class sizes still allow us to deliver differentiated instruction to meet kids where they are and help with the transition to online learning. Upper Schools offering online tutoring to K-8 students Continued Extracurriculars - clubs still meeting, town hall meetings, community service (letters to nursing homes and armed services members and students making masks) College counselors - meeting with parents and students (junior class meeting) Advisory groups Multiple assessments - Focus on having multiple layers of assessments - traditional platforms and project-based assessments. Students are still asked to do high levels of analysis and synthesis in their research. Authentic learning experiences in areas such as science, art, and history which require more than just a teacher delivering content. Collaborate in Google docs as kida write a paper and English teacher can work with them in the document.question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • Is Bentley Still Accepting Applications During the Lockdown?
    Due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding COVID-19, Bentley is opening our doors to families who are looking for ??? and will continue to accept applications for the 2020-21 academic year.
  • RSH Question?
    This needs to be a paragraph or two about how RSH is an extension of the Bentley experience online. Nothing can perfectly replicate the in-person experience of a Bentley education but through Remote Schoolhouse we have a platform that enables us to continue to focus on relationships as the key component…. The most important thing we can do as educators is to flex and grow based on current needsAble to pivot quickly
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