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Learning in Action

Bentley hallmarks such as project-based learning, self-discipline, and the freedom to dive deep and discover independent passions are built into Bentley Remote Schoolhouse.


From analyzing the syntax of a Latin passage on a group whiteboard

to constructing a homemade pendulum from various materials,

or from learning the art of scene blocking in a "remote theatre" 

to practicing reading to stuffed animals, 

our virtual platform asks students from Kindergarten through 12th grade

to get creative, take risks, and discover new ways to learn and engage. 

AP Pendulum 2.png
Pendula Production in AP Physics

AP students were able to construct pendula at home in order to perform an investigation of how the initial displacement angle of the pendulum affects the measured period. Using stopwatches and slow-motion video (in place of the advanced technology we would use at school), they were able to conduct quite accurate experiments while still "sheltered in place." We then gathered as a class on Zoom to discuss the theoretical framework underlying the lab and how the "small angle approximation" helps to explain the data they had collected. Students will submit the final analysis of their data as a lab report on Canvas. 

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Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 5.45.26 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 5.48.20 PM.png
Activities Abound in Kindergarten


How-to Writing

Kindergarten students are working on writing nonfiction How-to books. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, they wrote How to Catch A Leprechaun books. They have also written a variety of how-to books on topics of their own expertise and choosing like How to Do Ballet.


Estimating with Grab and Check

Students took home unifix cubes in their remote learning bags.  To practice estimating and counting, they grabbed handfuls of cubes, made a quick estimate and then counted to check.  Students posted videos of themselves practicing these skills.


Science: Solid, Liquid, Gas Sort

Students reviewed their knowledge of the properties of matter by completing a picture sort on SeeSaw of various solids, liquids and gases.


Daily Weather Report

Each day students observe and report the weather using their voice and an emoji. 


Reading Playdates 

As part of our Avid Readers unit in Reading Workshop, students engaged in reading playdates, where students are finding ways to engage with their books and friends in fun and exciting ways.  Some students even chose to read aloud to their stuffed animals. 

Blocking Scenes in Upper School Theatre

The Show Must Go On!

Students in the Advanced Theatre Honors class continue to rehearse their culminating, senior-directed, production of Reckless, by Craig Lucas. Using both Canvas Conferencing and Zoom, students set up chairs in their homes that match the furniture required for each scene. Using a PDF of the scenic ground plan, Director Elaina Boyle ('20) uses Adobe Acrobat's editing tools, assigns each character their own color, and draws staging patterns for the actors in each scene. Simultaneously,  Stage Manager Sophie McClain ('20) tracks all blocking in the master script.


While some students rehearse, other students are meeting in breakout rooms and continuing work on their assigned tasks in preparation for performance: lighting and sound, props, marketing, and front-of-house.

Cultivating Community in 4th Grade

The 4th-grade community has been enjoying many new learning adventures in Remote Schoolhouse. The students have shown impressive resilience, enthusiasm, and personal responsibility during this shift. At our daily Morning Meetings via Zoom, we connect as a whole class to go over the day's assignments, review past work, and share our ideas. Students then meet in small literature discussion groups with Ms. Luce for more in-depth conversations and collaborative work time. Later in the day, students visit Ms. Luce's virtual "office hours" to ask questions and work together. Students and families are primarily using the class MyBentley page and Google Apps to receive and complete assignments as well as help us stay connected and learning each and every day.

Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 6.21.58 PM.png
Group Syntax Analysis in Latin I

We definitely would miss the experience of marking up our translations together on the whiteboard in our physical classroom. Watching a student work through the teacher’s feedback and incorporate peer advice drives collaboration. Now, we meet at a virtual whiteboard to accomplish the same objectives, as a shared audio conference provides a channel for directions and discussion. Everyone gets a different colored “pen” to present their observations and ask specific, highlighted questions. Best of all, it’s easy to save our work for later review.

From the beginning, we knew this would be a learning process that students and faculty experienced together.

We are learning that...

  • Middle schoolers will surprise you! They log on early and are ready to start the day right at 8:30 a.m.

  • Many students adapted quickly to the new expectations and new platforms. 

  • Teachers are finding new opportunities for recent professional development topics, e.g. project-based learning. Turns out that sound pedagogical practice is just that!

  • Lower school students light up in their virtual Morning Meeting, excited to see familiar faces and hear encouraging voices.

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